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Saturday, October 17, 2009

You can put your socks on now!

I thought i would show you what i made yesterday
with a Round knitting loom.
The instructions that came with this set of looms
was not very helpful so i made these ones up
from memory of using looms when i was
younger, which is why the tops of the socks are not
very good, but after finishing of these socks i have
surfed the internet and found out a better way of making
the socks so when i make my next pair i will show you too

please let me know what you think


Joella said...

Very cool. I have this same loom. Would you post a link to the better directions you found? I gave up on the loom when I didn't understand the directions!

Linda said...

I never would have thought of making socks with these round looms. I hope you post the pattern on how to make these, or at least the link.

Jen said...

Are they hard to make? I need an alternative for normal socks for K and I was thinking the other day that wool socks would be perfect (he runs on his toys and has holes in socks within a day!)