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Monday, September 21, 2009

Have you ever been Lost in something?

Well I sure have . Back in early 1992, there was a picture on
my husbands computer of a Lost in Space robot.
I would look at it and think that would make a great
counted cross stitch pattern. (back then i did not have a
cross stitch converter for the computer (and don't know if they
even existed )). So I got out my graph paper taped it together
to to be 360 squares times 400 squares ( i think it was )
and sat in front of the computer zoomed into the corner of the picture
and started pixel by pixel putting in on to paper (crazy i know )
took a week of solid working on it .
The week was a very long week not to mention the time of stitching
on to black adia (14 count) For the next 8 months I worked on the
x stitching of it and then it was finally finished and went of to the
framers. And here is the finished picture.

More of lost in space things on my blog (Cricut related not x stitch)

INSTRUCTIONS/PATTERN for lost in space robot

Lost in Space ROBOT

HELLO Lost in space card PLUS PATTERN


Mickey said...

What a work of art!!!!
I would never have the patience
to do any of that...
Only the queen of the robot
world could do
Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Really well done! I also do cross stitch! I have one of those converter programs, although I've never used it


Michele said...

OMG! What an awesome creation! You have way more patience then I ever did or will have.

Raquel said...

Wow, this is absolutely GORGEOUS! You should be very proud of your talent. :) (((hug))) Raquel

Helene said...

I was very lucky to see this in person it knocked my socks off....truly amazing work.


Anonymous said...

you are truly amazing! Your creativity, patience and joy of sharing your skills and creations is inspiring. Thank you for teaching me so much.
P.S. My Hubby loves the lost in space x stitch...fabulous creation!

eunice said...

I am simply awed by your creativity and patience! This piece of work is so detailed & beautifully done...everything down to the shading and highlights is amazing.

Anonymous said...