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Saturday, August 08, 2009

More Macrame Only this time on a Card

Sorry I did not post anything yesterday, I seem
to be making lots of things at the moment that
I can not show right now, that and i also have been working on learning
how to do computer animations (no nothing to do
with making lessons for cricut and inkscape sorry)
The other day I showed you all an Owl I had made
using macrame
well that got me thinking of ways
to add this art to my card making and here is my first
attempt at building it on a card (cutting two slits
to attach the threads to start)
Sorry the card is not finished but I wanted to show the
macrame first while i think what I am going to put on it.

Two of the loops were not quite right but it was my first attempt

1 comment:

Cheryl Walker said...

very very nice, love your hand made macrame!!!! Beautiful job on this:)