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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What a diference FIVE MINUTES make (a story of my morning)

Today we were going out for the day. So as always ,
i was to pack lunch to take with us. I decided that I would
make some scones to take for my lunch. I went out to the
kitchen and mixed them up cut them and put them on too
cook for the normal time i would cook them for. The timer
went off and i thought I would go over take them out and
put them on the rack to cool, then i would go up to the shops
(very very short walk from my house and around the corner.)
to get a drink to take so i put my shoes on as i went to the kitchen
to get them out of the cooker. BUT they were not ready, could
not understand why , but put them on for another 5 minutes and sat
down and waited for them to cook before going.
When they were cooked took them out of the cooker put them
on the rack to cool and walked out the door.
Walking up the street helicopters were flying over head and a policeman
ran around the corner and yelled to me to cross the road straight away.
By the time I got to the corner, there were police everywhere
and apparently FIVE MINUTES before the newsagents had been
held up by a robber and had left the shop, running down our
street to get away.
If the scones had of been cooked on time i might have been
in that shop or walking up our street crashing into the
robber. Things sure did happen in my favor today that is for


StampOwl said...

sounds like you had a lucky break there Susan .. glad you are safe

Penny said...

Wow. That's crazy.

jane said...

Would have been the proverbial day to buy the lotto ticket!

Helene said...

OH MY GOODNESS I am so gald for your "5" minute difference.

freetimegone said...

At the time you were probably wishing they were done and yet it worked out best for you that they weren't done. Thanks for sharing your story as a reminder that when things don't go as we think they should, there is a reason.

Anonymous said...

that's an incredible story!

Hope they caught the robbers and everyone in the shop was OK.