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Monday, July 20, 2009

What came first "the MONKEY or the EGG or the BOOK

Well in this case the answer is
The Egg came first , followed shortly after
by the Monkey and then NOW comes the BOOK
I am so happy "Some Assembly Required" have
brought out a book with dies featuring lots of my
EGGIMALS Volume 1.
(as well as some of Sandy's EGGIMALS)

The book comes with the dies to make the egg
as well as the dies to make the 9 eggimals
and most of them have instructions for making
them standing or sitting (that makes even more

Thought I would start with the Monkey this monkey
sits in the tree from alota rubber stamps

The monkey sits 3Ded out from the card

But folds flat for posting

In picture you will notice the picture in the book
this is my calender from many years ago and as it was
September being the 9th month i put 9 monkeys on
the page (as i did on each month put the amount on
that the month was)
There is a pocket in each eggimal page though out the
book to store the dies

here is the two monkeys one standing and using the
instructions you can make it a sitting monkey

P.S. In the book I am the Susan Uncle (my real name LOL)

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