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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Way back before I had blog! MEMORIES

Before I had this blog I had a web page with
LOTS of my cards back then i used to make
and as we have just found the internet
wayback machine
on the net of it I thought i would give you
a peek at them
(some links on these sites do not work but the cards are there)
Alota-Bugs cards
Alota-Bugs too
Alota-Bugs three
Alota-Bugs four
2001 Tag Calendar
Another 2001 Tag Calendar
A third 2001 Tag Calendar

They sure do bring back memories


Penny said...

that's cool!

Mima said...

Hola Susan,
Love your memory lane, its just as lovely as your work today. You should be very proud, your tag calenders are so cute. Your a true Artist.
TFS, Mima

Helene said...

It's great to see your past work again Susan....gosh these cards bring back great memories of the beginning of our friendship....I can't wait to see you.

Love ya,