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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bloggers questions to me answered

Here are the answers to the questions
that you asked ME in the comments prize draw.
(Robot will answers his first thing tomorrow morning)

Penny said...Do you scrapbook????
I do a little scrapbook but mainly digital these days.

Sharon many stamps do you own and how do you store them all?.
LOTSSSS too many to count and I store them in many ways unmounteds in boxes
and the mounted ones in draws

jan do you like living in australia? Have you lived there your whole life have you been to the states and seen places like washington and new york etc. I never been to australia looks like a neat place to live.
I have lived in Australia all my life. I visited the states in 2001 i went to
seattle washington state for 12 days

Beth said... where is the best place to visit in Australia?
That is a hard question as I think all of Ausralia as there are
seasons where victoria is really the best place then there are other
times of the year where it is best to visit up north of the country.
Guess really it depends on what you want to see and do while you are
over here.

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