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Monday, June 08, 2009

Time for bed bug

Yesterday i showed my rescue card which i
cut the two bugs away from the
building snow man
and added it to the new background to make a new
look to the stamp,
two days ago I showed building snowman card
Well today I stamped up the building snow man
Cut the little bug out and coloured him ready
to climb into the bed Used cuttlebug embossing
folder for the background
Do you like it quiet or listern to music while doing craft?


Cindy Haffner said...

This is adorable, super job.

missychan said...

Music- it gets my juices flowing! Adorable cards!!!

Anonymous said...

I like both quiet and music :) depends on how involved I am. :)
I just love your site
ChrisVicente at

Unknown said...

I have to listen to music when I am doing any kind of crafts. I think it helps me to finish projects.
Sharon in AL

Sharon said...

got ot have noise of some kind I have a tv and radio both mostly use the tv
love the card

jan farnworth said...

i like music when i craft i tend to play the mix staion that plays a bit of everything or a i pick a good cd that i like.

Linda from Vegas said...

I like it quiet, very quiet.

Sandie Oxley said...

I listen to music or watch TV when I scrap. After raising 4 children, quiet makes me very nyou know what I mean.


Heidi said...

Most of the time I prefer it quiet, but I do have a CD player I listen to in my craft space.


Nalazoo said...

Quiet, quiet, quiet...unless I'm crafting with a group of friends and we're talking. I like music in the background when I'm at crops, as long as it's kept at a point where you can still carry on a conversation.

Penny said...

I like to listen to music but I can work without it. Since we've moved it's been without but honestly I can't wait til I can get my radio back in there.

pennyandbryan [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Becky said...

Either the TV in the background, just for noise, or quiet.

Darla said...

Bring on the music!!

Ann Marie said...

I like it quiet - cuz I talk to myself outloud :D LOL LOL