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Monday, June 29, 2009

Smelling Roses (faux postage stamps)

Love this bee can just imagine the bees
going around smelling roses
just like this and with the Faux postage to match
What is the question you that you would like Robot to answer?


Helene said...

Beautiful it


Penny said...

Dear Robot, I always read about you being lonely and missing Susan. I want to know what is it you do to pass the time while she is away?


pennyandbryan [at] gmail [dot] com

love the card, btw

Sharon said...

just how many of his kind are they

kellyjean said...

Cute blog! THanks for the opportunity to win.

jan farnworth said...

how do you like living in australia have you traveled much?

Her Tale In Time said...

have you ever been gone for repairs? if so is there a "stand in" for the time being? hehe

freetimegone said...

What a beautiful card. Robot, Does Susan stay up all night creating her wonderful works of art? Are you there to inspire or supervise?