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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Answers to months questions.

Thought it was only fair that I answer the daily questions too.
Day one What is your Favorite colour?
Day two What is your Favorite card making tool?
Day Three What is your favorite scrapbooking tool?
I mainly digital scrap so i would have to say software
called "Kaleidoscope Kreator 3
Day Four What would you like to see more on this blog?
Day Five What country do you live in ?
Day six Do you make cards during the day or night ?
Hm well i make cards mostly between 3.30am till about 3pm
so I guess that is both really
Day seven What is your favorite snack while doing craft?
chocolate and drinking pepsi max
Day eight Do you like quiet or listern to music while doing craft?
I like to listern to the tv or quiet
Day nine What is your favorite emballishment on your craft?
Day ten What is your favorite craft technique and why?
Making things 3D or miniature. Guess cause it makes more
of a challenge for me
Day eleven what is your favorite shaped card?
Any thing different
Day twelve What is your favorite colouring medium?
Copic markers
Day thirteen What is the one thing you would love for your birthday craft related?
I got it a "crop-a-dile corner chomper"
Day fourteen Do you do much 3D crafting if so what do you do?
at the moment i am addicted to slice forms
Day fifteen If you go on holidays do you take craft to do?
Sure do
Day sixteen What are you working on at the moment?
more sliceforms
Day seventeen What time of the year do you like best?
Day eighteen have you started your christmas cards yet? If not when do you start?
I normally start the week I am sending them out.
Day nineteen What month is your birthday ?
Day twenty Besides papercrafts do you do other crafts?If so what?
I try every craft that is around, these days it is mainly paper crafts
but think i have done everything over the years
Day Twenty one How long have you been doing papercrafts?
30 years
Day Twenty two How many craft rulers do you have?
I hold my head up high and say i have total of 47
Day twenty three What flavor birthday cake do you like?
Chocolate and cream
Day twenty four What time and date is it there right now?
Tuesday 30th June 3.40am
Day twenty five have you planed your next project? if so what is it ?
As yet i have not planed it
Day twenty six Do you do any stitching on your projects if so hand or machine?
I love hand stitching on them.
Day twenty seven What is the weather like there?
Cold and foggy mornings (winter)
Day twenty eight What questions would you like to ask Susan?
Day twenty nine What question would you like to ask Robot?
When will you learn to make cards so i can take a holiday?

OK now here is DAY thirty's question?
did you have fun?
yes sure did

Will be picking winners of all prizes tomorrow STAY TUNED


My Serendipity said...

Just stopping to thank you for the fun blog. It is always educational but also fun..thanks for sharing all of your talent!

Her Tale In Time said...

did you have fun? sure did i love reading your blogs and all your helpful tips and getting ideas from you thanks so much!!

Penny said...

when is robot gonna answer all the questions he was asked? lol

jan farnworth said...

this was really fun i loved looking forward to what you rnext question or project would be. looking forward to more great stuff from you.

freetimegone said...

Every day has been so fun. Thank you and I look forward to another of month of interesting stories and projects.