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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Soccer Son FUN (plus blog answers)

Base of card was
designed in inkscape and cut
using sure cuts a lot
the medallion was made using the teabag
stamps from Alota.

Answers to some questions
Q. Have you given up on sharing patterns ?
A. No i have not given up, it is just that if i have not
included the pattern means it is not ready needs tweaking and
i will not share unless i am 100% happy with it .

Q. Why don't you make design studio patterns any more?
A. I don't even open design studio these days
as i have scal and inkscape i can do more things and
anything using them i never need the design studio.

Q. Am i going to still do lessons on my blog?
A. Yes sure am. I just need more hours in the day
to make them and get them up on my blog. At the
moment i am working on so many things .

Q. Do you ever sleep?
People keep talking about this thing SLEEP
I really must see what this means LOL
Just joking Yes I do sleep I just sleep very strange
hours that is all

Q. Is the robot jointed or do you have lots of him?
A. Lots of him

Q. Why isn't Robot Blue?
A. Because i am Bluerobot and that would mean
that i am talking to myself so i make him silver


Carin said...

just to let you know you're one of the few blogs I visit regularly. I love all your blogs. You are a great inspiration and I love all your work. It is really appreciated that you keep on sharing it all with us "mere mortals" LOL.
Thanks you, once again.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm fairly new to SCAL and have loved your blog. I love the tea folding although I haven't braved it yet. I've also appreciate all the files that you have shared. Your work is amazing! Since you were answering questions, I thought I'd ask one more. I am a scrapbooker but have never gotten into stamping, however, your images are so fun. Would you mind sharing what markers you use or maybe doing a tutorial on how your "color" them so cutely....

Thanks so much for sharing!

Plastic Cards said...

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