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Monday, April 20, 2009

Puppy LOVE in a box

After making the Puppy Love card HERE
I had all this base card left so i put it to use
on this card
the medallion was made using the teabag
stamps from Alota.

P.S. I will be sharing all patterns in time
please just give me time to tweak them and make
sure that they work perfectly. I have had many requests
for patterns that i have not included yet and the only
reason for them not on my blog as they need tweaking
(on unless they are copyright and would have said that in
the post)

1 comment:

Jamers said...

Very cute!! I have fallen in love with tea bag folding...but I do not use stamps for mine I use regular tea bag tiles that I have found on the net..Your site though is what peaked my interest and I have been working with them since then..Thanks