Scrap Factory Expanaion Packs

Monday, February 16, 2009


A few months ago i got a set of robot
stamps at the local craft shop (spotlight) when I returned
home with them I discovered that they did not stamp
very evenly. So i transferred them to the cd boxes
where i store all my clear stamps, just to find the next day
that they were stuck to the box (could not get them off
no matter what i tried). So i just forgot about them till the other
day while looking through the stamps and seen that some of these
stamps were laying in the bottom of the cd case. I took them out and found that
there had been a thin layer of something on these stamps which
glued them to the case , but with the days of hot weather we have been
having that they had came of that glue. The cd case needed to be thrown
out but the stamps WELL they now work fantastic they are great little
set of stamps. Here is a card i made using the ones i tested out


Anonymous said...

Really nice card. Funny story about the stamps. Glad you're able to use them. Hope it's cooling off for you.

Cindy R said...

Hey Susan it was 12 below zero here this morning when I left for work, maybe between the two of us we could come up with a happy medium!! Have Robot work on that one OK???

Sharon said...

i saw these stamps and thought of you the minute I saw them and you got them I can't wait to see what you do with them.

DonnaMundinger said...

How adorable Susan! It would have been a tragedy had they been ruined. Love this card! xxD

Helene said...

What a awesome card