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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love YA

I made a LOVE bag the other day
well when it came to posting the design team cards of
to America I thought that the bag might have got squashed
so i pulled it apart and turned it into a card

Stamp used is Alota rubber stamps
Card designed in inkscape and
cut using sure cuts a lot
****FIXED NOW****


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Susan! Thanks for all the sharing you do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, I always love looking at your stuff. You are sooooo creative. I haven't been downloading cause no time to cut right now...but I have plans to come back one day soon and "steal" as many things as I your coloring too. Mary in Hong Kong

Cheri said...

Hey Susan,
I haven't been by your blog for a while but I saw this wonderful card you made. You have the words "HERE IS THE PATTERN" but I don't see the link. Did you remove it already?

Thanks for everything you've done.
I'm off to see more of your creations.

Unknown said...

I love this card. the pattern link may have gotten messed up. Thanks I love all of you ideas and enjoy using the patterns to make new creations.

cal8007 said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this file. I love the border you created!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


Jannita said...

This is a lovely card. Is very beautifull and thanks for sharing the pattern

Raquel said...

Thanks Susan!

Tina Johnston said...

Thanks, what a wonderful pattern.

Anonymous said...

Thank youso much. Your patterns are wonderful. As I make the cards I will post them on my blog with a link to your blog