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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kanga is my FRIEND (plus scal pattern)

DAY Fifty
Wow this really did only start of to be a
12 day adventure and we are

up to 50 (will i continue? )

This card was made using the left over frames when cutting out my
recently shared word cards
Thank you, Thinking of you , Happy birthday, with love,
BonVoyage, Remember and Happy Easter.
When i make the patterns now i put the cutting around the outside
of frames and things so they can be used on other cards.
As i cut the main cards in while i was able to use inkpads to add colour to
match the card i want to make

The wording is cuttlebug die cut twice one white and one
black and layered
The Kangaroo was designed in inkscape and cut using
sure cuts a lot and HERE is THE PATTERN x2


Helene said...

Cute card Susan...Stay cool...remember the ice cube trick

Jen said...

So very cute Susan! I have a picture of my husband when he was to travel to Australia several years ago. While he was there he went to the zoo and fed the kangaroos :) Heheh! I may have to scrap that one using a cute kanga cut!

It will cool off for you soon... I know because before we know it I'll be the one sweating here in AZ, USA. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love this card, it is so cute! Thank you for all you do & share. I am new to Inkscape and SCAL.. I have learned a lot from your pages, in just a few days! I do appreciate all the work you have put into you blog. A million hugs, Kat

Bajabetty said...

Thank you so much for sharing the Kangaroo files!!!! I love them.
You are very creative, and I love Blue Robot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yikes! 112 degrees!!! It was 25 below the other morning and when I walked the dog today it was only 4 degrees...that farenhight BTW. I'll trade some our your warm weather for some cold. Deal?

SusanBluerobot said...

Deal deal deal you can have the whole lot

cal8007 said...

hi Susan,

Thanks for the kangaroo and the idea for the cuttlebug cut out. I used to live in Arizona where the heat gets up to 125, so I know what you're talking about. No one went outside until the fall :)


Sharon said...

very cute stay inside

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Again another cute file. I REALLY appreciate your willingness to share! Thank you!!!

Andrea said...

Thanks so much for sharing, I'm new to Cricut Design and SCAL, so this is exciting to have for my zoo pictures :)

Chris Dick said...

I'm guilty of not leaving comments. So I figured it was time to leave one. You are out of this world. Absolutely the best blog ever. thanks a million. Someday I will get brave and tackle DS. Made a promise to myself that I wouldn't tackle SCAL till I figured out DS. SIGH You might want to mention how people leave a comment. I just figured there must be a way and when all else failed I clicked on the "3 comments" A lot of us are kinda computer illiterate. LOL Or at least need prompting.