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Thursday, January 22, 2009

HELPFUL TIP Happy Easter Left over (plus link to scal pattern)

TIP for using leftovers straight away
Last year when I started to make the cards
with cricut and scal I was keeping the
leftovers in bag in the thought that one day I
would use them. the insides of the lettering
would get lost in the bags or when it was
time to put them together i would not know
how so the leftover cuts are still in those little bags .
NOW what i do is as i make the patterns any thing that i know
will be able to be made in to a second card i get ready as I am
designing and cutting .
When cutting i get a piece of card stock and while taking
the pieces of the mat i then glue it in place on the card stock
straight away in place and in doing that i have cut out two cards
with the one cutting and I no longer end up with little bags with
leftover pieces that i find hard to use.

If you have sure cuts a lot HERE is the pattern
Designed in inkscape and cut using sure cuts a lot
All stamps are alota rubber stamps

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Helene said...

I love the pretty eggs...Great colors