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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catching caterpillars

Day Thirty Nine

Wanted to show this card today so you could
see the caterpillars then i can show tomorrows card
using it in another way till then

If you have sure cuts a lot HERE is the pattern
Designed in inkscape and cut using sure cuts a lot
All stamps are alota rubber stamps


Allet said...

Thanks a lot for these beautiful patterns Susan. I love them both.

denise said...

I havent been spending alot of time
online this year...trying to turn over some new leaves....but I always enjoy stopping by your blog...thank you for being so giving of your talents and designs..


The Holder's said...

Thanks for sharring, I love this card!!!!
I'm glad Robot didn't hurt his fuzzy friends.

craftaddict said...

Susan, just been catching up blog hopping and I want to say that I had a good chuckle at your robot capers, you should make them into a book, kids would love it!

BTW thanks for all you lessons on SCAL and inkscape, I am really getting to grips with them thanks to you.

Snatertje said...

Hi Susan

I posted a picture of a CatI tude card on my blog.
Thanks again for sharing the cutfile.

Hug Lina

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your talents. Your cards are great!! Trish

Schaapje said...

thanks for sharing, els

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

Thank you so much for these lovely designs. Im new to SCAL/cricut and I am having a prolem with the small 'happy' on the card Jan 27, 2009. It won't cut it just tears the paper!! I have replaced the blade just in case it may have been that but no joy - pse help. thanks