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Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Wishes (plus scal pattern)

Over at Alota rubber stamps they have released some wonderful new girl stamps HERE AND i was lucky this weekend to play with them so i thought i would show you some over the next couple of days this one also has a
scal pattern
HERE ***Fixed link sorry about that ***
Also while you are there check out these wonderful circles and oval stamps that they have also released. They are made to go with the spellbinders nestablities in mind BUTTTTT I will be making scal patterns and sharing to use with them as well . They are great !


Allet said...

Thank you for your lovely Scalcard patterns Susan.

Cheri said...

Thank you for all your card patterns and can't wait for the Nestie. patterns. You are so creative with what you make (and your conversations with MiniRobot), smart in your Inkscape knowledge, and so nice because you are willing to share what you make.

Anonymous said...

thank u

Gwen DeBok said...

Thank you...great card.

Gwen DeBok