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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lessons so far

12 Months have gone by since i got
my Cricut design studio and
and 9 Months since i got Sure cuts a lot / as well as inkscape

I seemed to have made a fair few lessons on my so
I thought I would Post a list of links
And here is what i have so far

  1. How to keep you SUSPENDED plus pattern for CDSand scal
  2. Help lesson cuttlebug sanding card
  3. Help BASIC lesson inkscape to scal 04
  4. TIP/Lesson for more use out of the robot stamp
  5. TIP with scallops and frame patterns Number 2
  6. How i print my BACKGROUND papers
  7. HELP INKSCAPE basic converting logo 003
  8. HELP with the SCAL Lib It Up (getting thing in shape library)
  9. HELP INKSCAPE basic draw lesson 002
  10. Amazing TEDDY how to put him together
  11. HOW to make up the LINK LINKS
  12. How to photo corner mats with either scal or punches
  13. How to make PAPER ROSES
  14. HELP INKSCAPE basic draw lesson 001
  15. Help placement lessons for inkscape to scal TIP
  16. Part 2 of lesson on placement inkscape to scal tip
  17. Helping with NAME book svg files
  18. HELPING LESSON on making a box for word books
  19. HELPING SIMPLIFY NODES with inkscape for cutting
  20. TIP with scallops and frame patterns
  21. HELPING in inkscape with scans or found patterns
  22. HELPING WITH FOLDING OF pop up word cards
  23. REPOST OF LESSON on POP UP word cards using Cricut design studio
  24. HELP /TIP is slow normal for scal ?
  25. HELPING circle scallop easy
  26. HELPING with scallop card with LACY look
  27. HELPING with scallop card with holes
  28. HELPING with scallop card
  30. HELP with scal and Inkscape to get to cut single lines
  31. HELPING to colour it DIFFERENT
  32. HELPING you to CHANGE your clock
  34. How to make a Stand Up SHAPED CARD
  35. How to make a Trifold Kebab CARD
  36. Help with rounding corners in tracing in inkscape
  37. HELP from START to FINISH
  38. Helping the butterflies fly FREE
  39. HOW to fold teabag stamp images
  40. helping you weave your magic (DESIGN studio OR SURE CUTS)
  41. Help with circle shaped cards
  42. HELP inkscape adding and subtracting to clean up
  43. HELP inkscape getting the font you want
  44. Lesson on making evenly spaced holes in your project
  45. HELP using dingbats with scal via inkscape
  46. Help Cleaning up Dingbats for cutting
  47. Helping lesson WORD IN FRAMES
  48. How to ADD IN or fix mistakes
  49. Alota Rubber stamp BOTTLE CAP LESSON
  50. How to make your own cards USING my fonts LESSON
  51. How to use the CUTTLEBUG die/emboss sets (plus extra tip)
  52. HELP Inkscape when you want a black base LESSSON Part 1
  53. HELP Inkscape when you want a black base LESSSON Part 2
  54. help INKSCAPE getting rid of double
  55. Help lesson for BRIDGING THE GAP
  56. Instruction/lesson/hint ON MORE CONTROL
  58. LESSON instructions on MAKING THE SPACE EVEN
  59. LESSON on using the ROTATE button
  60. HELPING Lesson to use MY patterns
  61. LESSON /TIP Make the most out of font cartridges
  62. HOW to make the POP UP card LESSON
  63. How to make it with SHAPES LESSON
  65. INSTRUCTIONS/PATTERN for lost in space robot
  66. HOW to make the lattice card up
  67. Instructions + R2D2 ROBOT plus Pattern
  69. LESSON Magic ZIGZAG plus pattern
  70. HELPING with shading your own designs LESSON
  71. Biger cuts on small cricut
  72. Making a name book
  73. Finding what cartridges used
  74. for you and cutting LAYERS
  75. Fixing date problem with shared files
  76. shadow placing with design studio
  77. Shadowing and welding OWN lettering
  78. CHANGING the layer names
  79. HELPING with letters on sides of cards


Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan, I have downloaded every lesson and am going to burn them onto a disk so I won't lose them. You have taught me a lot. Inkscape is no longer scary, SCAL is a breeze, all thanks to you.
And as for you woman! You have learned a LOT yourself since getting your Cricut and SCAL. Thanks for taking the time to teach all of us. I hope 2009 will be a wonderful year for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Susan, this is great! Wish you would do the same type of thing with all of the cut files that you have on your blog. It would make them easier to find when you want one that you haven't downloaded! Thanks for sharing all of your talent and inspiration!

Pat from Ohio

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work! I have learned quite a bit from you and still need to read more. I love how you organized them all here. I think I'll go a through a few more now!! Happy New Year from Indiana, USA. Suzi