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Friday, November 14, 2008

Why no POP UP lesson as yet? sorry

Some people have been wordering why i
have not put up the how to make pop up patterns
in inkscape yet. The more i play with inkscape i learn new
ways to do things which are much simpler and
this is no different for making the pop ups i have found a much simpler
way to do these so i am going to redo think the lesson again
So i hope to be able to get that done very soon
IN the mean time i have lots of pop up patterns on my blog
to keep you busy for a while
Links to my older post pop ups
WOW i knew i had done a few but when i look at them all
together there are HEAPS enjoy looking back at them.


Anonymous said...

I just found your site and I'm so amazed at your talent! WOW! How generous of you to share your work with everyone. I downloaded some of your pop up cards but I'm not sure I'll be able to print them and understand how to use them, but I'll try with your instructions.

THANK YOU for such a great Blog!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Look forward to your sharing, you inspire me so much!