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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to make Fabric LEFTOVER stickers

Yesterday I cut out a jacket to make for me
to wear to the Christmas outings. And as i had lots
of scraps left over i did not want to waste them
so I am turning them into stickers for cards
There is always scraps left over when cutting out
for sewing projects

What you do is grab some thick double sided tape.
(in this case i could only find 2" )

Turn fabric over and put tape to cover the whole picture
if the tape is too narrow then over lap it slightly
Then turn it over and cut around the image
(this is where the tape will protect it from
fraying and make it much easier to cut out too )

Then you have yourself some wonderful quick and easy sticker
to add to your cards or projects

Friday, November 28, 2008

Help lesson cuttlebug sanding card

Here is a quick lesson/tip on getting the most out of
cuttlebug folders.
For this card i am going to use the snowflake
(but works with all folders)

You use white core paper or white core card.
this is paper and i know it has white as the back is
white and the front is blue

Emboss the piece you want too

Then you take sand paper of sanding block

And start sanding on your embossed image and the raised
part will start to turn white

Sanding all directions till you are happy with the

Now i will make that into a card
I tore two pieces of white card stock
and ran it through the embossing with a different folder
I added snowmen made using
build a snow made die/embossing set
under the middle of the bigger white ones

Then using two more snowmen behind the smaller white piece

Then i mat it on the card


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Special NOTICE pattern now for Soldier card SCAL

I am so happy that after three days working on
my christmas cards for this year that they are now
complete all i need to do now is to write in them.
Which means i don't have cards to show today
Back in October i put these three on my
well i finally got around to tweaking the patterns
ready to share with sure cuts a lot users

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inkscape Basic lesson 05

Here is a basic lesson on linked lettering
and unioning them so they will cut in scal
Start by typing your word then getting the font that you want
Lesson for that HERE

With that selected go Path , object to path

Now View, display mode and Outlne

Here where arrows and circles are the problem

With the word selected go Path, and Union

And now you will see that they are linked
and can be cut as .svg and imported into
sure cuts a lot

If you would like to have a mat for that lettering
here is a bonus lesson
with the word selected go
Edit and duplicate
Then with that duplicate selected
Go Path and Dynamic offset

And a little white square will appear on the top of the lettering
now you use you mouse hold this down and move it
out till you are happy with the size you want

When you are happy
Go Path and object to path

And it will turn to nodes
You can now move this off the lettering and save
as .svg file and then import into sure cuts a lot

Special anouncement

Alota rubber stamps
Have newly released stamps this month and they
are wonderful
there are Christmas ones and robots
pop over for a look

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SISTERS BOOK scut file

Here is a sisters book .scut file for sure cuts a lot

Robot building a snowman

The photo of this one does not do it justice
as it is metallic card it is soo hard to get it to photograph
The background and the snow man are done
with the cuttlebug and the
Stamps are the new Robot set of stamps
by alota rubber stamps
designed by me

Monday, November 24, 2008

Help BASIC lesson inkscape to scal 04

Designing in inkscape so you know what size
it is going to cut in scal .Here is a lesson on how this is done.
Opening inkscape you get a page size as default

First thing to do is go FILE , Document Properties

It will put up a box. in Custom size where it has px change this to in (inches)
Now change the width to 11.4 and height to 5.4
(this is if you want to place at 5.4 in scal)

Then push enter and close that folder

Now if you work in that boarder
in this case i picked wording but i do all my
designs this way specally word books
Save as .svg

Open SCAL and set default size as 5.4

Then file import

And pick the files you have just made

It will import and be the size that you designed it
and ready to cut

Hope this is help to someone

Geared Up For FUN

The card base was designed in inkscape and cut
using "sure cuts a lot"

Robot and wording were stamped using
new Robot stamps from alota rubber stamps

hard to take photos as it is metalic card stock

Sunday, November 23, 2008

ROBOT's wedding day

When I designed these robots I always had in mind
to make this wedding card.
Notice the flower (which also comes with the stamp set)
are gears.
I think they will make a happy couple and make nice babies.

Stamps are the new Robot set of stamps by alota rubber stamps
designed by me

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Come join in the fun

Just the THREE of us

This is the card i made using the pieces i cut
out to make the tips lesson the other day HERE
Using the new robots from alota designed by me

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's your day ROBOT and his Best friend ROBOT dog

Today's card is using the left overs from
It's your day word card from a few months back
(which i have just fixed pattern and shared it there today HERE )
And used the new Release Robot stamps from alota Rubber stamps

Alota flowers FOR YOU

I did faux stitching about the cuts of this card
the stamp used is alota rubber stamp
And cut using Sure cuts a lot HERE IS THE PATTERN

Card designed using inkscape and cut with sure cuts a lot