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Friday, September 26, 2008

Helping with paper piecing with stamps

Lesson stamp is alota rubber stamp
A lot of my card the past week or so have
been paper pieced using stamping
so here is a quick lesson on how i have been doing
Stamp the image on the main mat (white in this lesson )
and on all the scraps of paper (can be pattern paper)
to make up the whole picture
Stamping the full image on the back most colour
(when i am doing a person it is the flesh colour)

Cut the full image in the back piece (flesh)
and then the other pieces hair, dress. and so on .......

Now you start layering them in place

When i cut the boys hair i cut that so as it was most of the hat
as well so it was easier to use

continue to piece the pieces in place
till it is all in place

then paste that on the top of the main picture

and then onto the complete card
REASONS for doing this
  • So you don't have to colour by hand
  • So you can match perfectly with colours on your card
  • So you can use pattern paper in your image

HERE ARE Some samples using this lesson

ME and my TEDDY

Hi There (link links no 1)

Play time (Link links card)

Plane Balloon (link LINKS card)

COW gardener (LINK links card)

FLAMINGO (link LINKS card)

HAPPY Elephant (LINK LINKS card)

Summer is coming

HELENE with her teddy (LINK links card)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday pattern! I love that one!

marie t

Anonymous said...

Cute card and good instructions as usual. TFS.