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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Amazing TEDDY how to put him together

I just love this stamp by Amazing creations
so i thought i would show you why

you stamp it

Cut him out

Add a little colour to the bow
(you can stamp it on any colour
so as you dont have to colour the bear)

Now you punch little 1/16" holes in the 6 marked areas

And then using brads start to assemble it
the arm with out the pad on is on top
then the body

Then arm with pad goes behind the body

open the legs of the brad but don't make it tight

Simple as that

Same with the legs the one with out the pad is first

then through the body

and leg with pad goes behind the body
don't make the brad tight

and here you have a amazing bear that you can pose any
way you want him to be and put things in his hands

It can sit

Even walk a row of them walking across the card would look great
This bear comes in three sizes and this one i used is the medium one
STAMPS by Amazing Creations
(NOTE special offer any purchase
for the months of September 2008 and October 2008 if you put
the word "susanbluerobot" in the coupon section you
get 20% off your order)
To view other cards i have made using there stamps

Teddy loves apples

Shy thanks

Welcome to this world

OH hello there

Doggy in the grass

there might be more I just cant find them right now

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Justine said...

I love that Teddy. Thanks for the discount offer.