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Monday, September 01, 2008

50 Years of marrage

This is a project i have been working on
for my husbands Aunty and Uncle
Even made a box for it

the lid comes off

and the book slides out

used cuttle bug embossing folders for the top lettering
hearts for the 50 and swizz dots for the YEARS

The project came to a sudden stand still as i could not find
something gold or white suitable to put the book together.
So then two days before the party i thought I know
I have a
Kumihimo Disk that i brought back in july of last year
so i made the rope using with and gold thread and weaving it around
two strands of wire so as when it was finished i could shape it .
(to see other things i have made using these weaving go to

Now the pages in the book i put a piece of vellum as pages
between the pages so the photos would not spoil each other over time

used the design studio to cut the shapes i placed on the pages

Took a while but I (or should i say my husband) found
some wonderful gold photo corner so they
can now add there photos easily

decided to used big eyelets to protect the holes from tearing

Oh and also added some gold stickers in places over the
book (the clock is cause Uncle Donny fixes them for a living)

And flowers cause Aunty Claire loves her garden

As the pages got wider i was able to make bigger pictures for them

AND on the very last page i thought they could put photo


used inkscape and sure cuts a lot for the pages of the book


Unknown said...

This is so cute, I have been trying to think of something for my grandparents in laws for their 60th wedding anniversary and this is something that I could do and I have all the silver stuff to do it with thanks Sharon in AL

Jen said...

This is wonderful! They are going to love it! I love the box you made too!!!


Jean said...

Susan this is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your imagination and wonderful artistic talents with us.
I love the "then and now" format!

Sharon in NE said...

What a special gift! Great way to use your talents on something they will always cherish!

Ishadow said...

wonderful idea and you carried it out so wonderfully as always. They should be delighted to get it! (I hope they don't read your blog. lol)

Allison and Adam said...

Beautiful! They will love it.

Kelly :) said...

Your work is amazing! They will cherish that for years to come!

debby4000 said...

What a amazing album and such a brilliant gift.

Anonymous said...

This is so perfect. My parents 50th is coming up. Thanks for the great idea. If I get started now I might finish in time!

Sabrina Martini said...

I JUST LOVE LOOKING AT ALL YOUR GREAT IDEAS AND PROJECTS! WHERE WOULD WE ALL BE WITHOUT YOU!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! YOU WORK SOOOO HARD!! I just wanted to let you know that I really really appreciate all the work you have done. I have just started to learn how to do all this and working with all your designs and learning from you I am having soooo much fun so really thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Susan. I have admired your work for a long time and would like to thank you for sharing all your creations with us.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you're a genius! I could never come up with all these ideas on my own. I'm really excited about starting some of these projects once I get all my supplies ready.