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Sunday, August 17, 2008

WEE flower (plus SCAL pattern and link to instructions)

Claire Brennan from Waltzingmouse BLOG
Had this great tutorial on making the WEE flower card .
So Linda from Just for sharing did a pattern for cricut design studio
And at the same time Linda was making that pattern and emailed
me about it I had already found it and was making a pattern
using Sure Cuts a Lot HERE IS THE PATTERN
To learn how to make it go to Claires blog
(be sure to leave her a message )
Was hard to photo the white and black one as it was metallic
ribbon used but i think you can get an idea of it from these

This one was one of the first full cards i had made and
i put the ribbon in the slits the wrong way
But thought it did still look good
And different, stamp is alota rubber stamp

Designed using inkscape


Anonymous said...

OH MY HECK SUSAN You rock!!!!!!!
I do not have scal but this is an awesome card, thanks so much for sharing all you do with us craft challenged ppl
Thanks again Deanna

Brens Designs said...

Susan... I could spend hours on your site just reading stuff. You are so terrific for sharing so much of your talent. You are the best!!!!

smileyfish76 said...

Thanks Susan for leading me to Claire's blog. She has some fantastic work on there. And thanks to your for making a SCAL file for those of us that don't have the notch tool or Plantian cart.

~JulieH~ said...

Thanks susan This is fab and Claires blog is very inspirational too


Kim said...

Another incredible cut. Thank you so much for all you do, you are so inspiring and encouraging. I love checking out your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Wow! Amazing work.

sandi7753 said...

I am very anxious to try this cut. I have been using a laptop which I find more difficult to use and have not commented, but this is also a special thanks to Susan for all her help. It takes a very generous and caring person to create all the work she does and then share it.


NurseViper said...

Susan you do the most awesome work and I think you are so wonderful for sharing with us untalented folk.

have a great day