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Saturday, August 09, 2008

CHESS anyone?

This was made using a pattern I found on the
net HERE
took a bit of converting for cutting with scal but i managed to
learn something new while doing this see this lesson HERE

My board is not fully finished yet (but wanted to show you all now )
Altered in inkscape and cut with scal
No pattern due to copyright


JenO said...

This is totally cool! Too bad they won't let you share the pattern (did you ask by any chance?) My hubby is a big chess guy and would love this. Maybe it's about time I tried making my own patterns... ;)

Anonymous said...

That is freakin awesome!

Allison and Adam said...

That is just AMAZING!! You are so clever.

Unknown said...

Unreal. Your talent has no bounds!! Again, thank you for sharing!!

--Gracie at