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Sunday, August 03, 2008

BUZZZ BEE animated card

I wanted to show you what i have been working on
(sadly i wanted the picture to animate on the blog
but can't get it too)
Sorry no pattern or lesson

Stamps used are alota rubber stamps


Anonymous said...

wow, very special, i like it.

Jen said...

WOW! That is really cool!
Thanks for sharing Susan. You always make the neatest stuff. Don't know where you find the time.

Leah said...

That is very cool Susan...jsut like the rest of your work. It's truly beautiful. In fact a friend of mine wanted a card for his daughter for her birthday. I generally make my cards and sell to him. I did a beautiful one created by you..he wanted to pay...I said no not this time cannot accept - not my creation, but one that is special made it so enjoy!

Raquel said...

Cute Susan - how creative!

JenO said...

Very cool! I wanna be on your christmas card list... ;)

(and thanks for sharing so much with us!)