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Friday, August 01, 2008

Burst card and instructions (plus pattern for design studio)

I got this idea from punches that are around (but they are small punches)
I have added a lesson on how these are put together

If you have Design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

cut out all pieces

Fold the base card in half

Fold back the wedges to the outside of the card

till they look like this

Now tape the 2nd card to the back of the base card

Fold back the wedges

Till they are all folded out

Now tape the card liner to the back of the front card
and the decorate mat rectangle in place (mine is not decorated yet sorry)


lovebeingamom/Pam Smith said...

amazing as usual..thanks for the lesson too! Can't wait for spring to hit so I can use some of these wonderful cards, it seems like all our birthdays are spring not summer and fall.

Amanda said...

brill thanks so much

a wee tip for you, when you are folding the tips back i took my ruler and an embossing tool and creased a line makes folding back so much easier and also looks lovely and neat

thanks again


Froggy said...

Amazing!! You truly are Susan! I just love all the frog stuff you design!! :)

Plus you've been tagged!!! Check out my blog here...

Jackie said...

WOW, yet another great desing. Can't wait til we meet in november :)

You have been tagged, check out my blog :)