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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BABY word pop up card (plus pattern for Design studio)

MY word POP UP cards featured late last month
and early this month using sure cuts a lot
WELL now
HERE is the sixth of the Circut design studio pattern
I have not got a card cut from this pattern
HERE is link to SCAL of the BABY card
(It is not the same but best i can do for the cds)
HERE IS LINK on how to work out the fold
HERE is a link on How I coloured my lettering


Anonymous said...

thank you so much
what a perfect card
i am going to make them for
my best-friend's son's girfriend
they are having a girl
a perfect card for the announcement
hopefully they will not have a long
list of people to send to
you are wonderful person for sharing and designing for us

Schaapje said...

Hi Susan,

Today I visit your blog again, and there whas a lot of new stuff, thanks for sharing, great you still do, greetings Els

Jannita said...

Thanks for this pattern. It is so lovely and the word baby is also perfect for the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Hey THANKS for the file Susan. they are fantastic as always..

Diane aka grandmastoy of Ks

cardmkrLeslie said...

what a fabulous pattern. pure genius!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan, as always you do such a great job. I have many pop up card patterns that I used to do by hand and I am now in the process of trying to make the pattern (I sent you the one, I finally got it)

Unknown said...

Thank you for another wonderful cut file.
You are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making the cut files for CDS.

Marjorie from TX