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Monday, August 04, 2008

BABY word pop up card (plus pattern for scal)

BABY word pop up card
stamps used Darcies country folk
If you have "Sure cuts a lot" HERE IS THE PATTERN
AND how to work out the folding instructions
HELPING WITH FOLDING OF pop up word cards

Design on INKSCAPE


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that you are upset that people are downloading your designs and not leaving comments. I have to say I'm guilty of that. But Not because I don't think your cards aren't great, not because I don't think you are great. Hell you are amazing the things that you create are amazing!! You truly have an awesome gift!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! Someone should make you a pop up card! THose are the funniest ones! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR CREATIONS!!

Anonymous said...

OH Just what I need to send to my friend that is expecting her baby any day now! Thank you very much!