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Monday, July 07, 2008

Showing my favorite POP UP book

Many years back before i had the cricut I was still
making pop up cards.
I have a collection of books and cards for
ideas, BUT here is my most favorite book
When you open the cover out pops this wonderful pop up

and throughout the book it explains all the different pop ups

Here with owning the book you have access to the pattern so
of cause this had to be made
THIS was my first one

I cut all the pieces out in white then decided i wanted coloured
so i coloured it with markers

add parts of him to the cover as i felt it was all it needed

This is another of them this on on the cover i used
the paper that was under my pieces when i was colouring as the background
paper and again added some parts of him

sorry no pattern not mine to give you need to own book


Lyselia said...

Hi Susan, yet another impressive project, and because I love to visit your blog on a regular basis as you fill it with such informative information I have awarded you to receive an award. All you have to do is to visit my blog to collect it. Thanks once again.


CurlyCraze said...

Wow! That is one amazing project! Nice job. I love how colorful it it. Thanks for sharing :)