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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let it SNOW pop up card (plus scal pattern)

Day two of the three week oh word pop ups
Brings us this
"Let it SNOW"
I feel soo cold this morning it must be snowing somewhere
(we don't get snow where i live bit it snows in the mountains
around the state, and being in Australia we are in winter)
I used stickers to decorate this one


If you have "sure cuts a lot " HERE IS THE PATTERN
AND how to work out the folding instructions
HELPING WITH FOLDING OF pop up word cards
This card was designed using inkscape


lovebeingamom/Pam Smith said...

I love your pop up cards, I just made the let it snow one and I think I must be missing something...when I go to fold the card the letters want to crease in a different place, I never see creases in your letters, do they fold down different? I sure hope this makes sense!

AnnS said...

Your pop up cards are so adorable. I can't wait to get SCAL so I can make these. BTW, I heard on the news it snowed in parts of Australia where it usually doesn't. Hope you had a flurry.

lovebeingamom/Pam Smith said...

Thanks for your help!!

Brens Designs said...

Susan... Your card is so beautiful!!!! Your talent is so amazing!!! Thank you so much for all you do.

Jeff P said...

What a wonderful card. You do such wonderful cards.

Barb911 S/E MI said...

just looking and found this card.
just what I need. thanks