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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

HELPING with scallop squares and rectangles

As a continuation of the scallop lessons
here is how you take that idea another step
making scallop squares and rectangles
YOU have this far from scallop card lesson

Now highlight the top circle and copy ,paste and click the across
arrow the amount (in my case it is six times)

Sticking to to the same clicks of the arrow keys on your keyboard
will give EVEN moves
Continue across the amount of circles
and when you get to the side you copy and paste
and then the down arrow
Continue using the down arrow

NOTE it is now you need to add a welded square
to fill the center

making sure it will fill the space

Then continue across the bottom copy paste and across arrow
on keyboard

Till you fill all way around

Preview to see all is welded and CUT

IF YOU wanted a rectangle all you need to do is
add in an extra circle on each side while making it

OK on my lessons i used circles
and a certain size and number of clicks of
keyboard arrows well that was just to show you
what to do. Changing these things can give you wonderful
creations .
Below i used a square rotated it 45*
and then did the same thing as in the

When i got this far around i added the square inside welded
and continued

Till it went all way around

Preview and cut



Marjorie said...

Susan, thanks for the instructions for the scallop squares and rectanles.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to try this.
I tried to take a picture of a card I made with your cross template but it won't come out.
I used shiny paper to back it.
Love your stuff