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Monday, July 28, 2008

FRIENDS pop up card (plus pattern for scal)

One of my latest projects is getting a set of "sure cuts a lot" patterns
made for pop up word cards.
It has been a fun adventure and now i have a total of 20 to share
over the next three weeks i will be sharing one a day.
Starting with FRIENDS.
Firstly want to share with you the cover,
it is done using the left over stuff

that was on the mat after cutting the
white inchies cards last week (shared on this blog)

i just glued them as a pattern on card then coloured them.
(I hate to waste the cut outs , as you will notice with a lot of my blog entries)

If you have sure cuts a lot HERE IS THE PATTERN
AND how to work out the folding instructions
HELPING WITH FOLDING OF pop up word cards
Made using inkscape


9kids said...

Susan, these cards are awesome. I made one for my grandson, Ashton and it is breathtaking. Sure appreciate your hard work and willingness to share :)

Anonymous said...

amazing as usual!

Unknown said...

As looks very nice Susan. Thanks a lot!

Schaapje said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderfull and hard work, I like it a lot, special on my bad day's.

Marjorie said...

Susan, again thanks for sharing your great designs.

Anonymous said...

susan, you are very talented and do great work. Keep it up.