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Friday, June 13, 2008

WEAVE your magic Rectangle (Plus cds pattern)

The weave patterns were such a big hit that i have now made
3 more patterns.
This one today is Rectangle
Also while making this card my new ROBOT stamps arrive from two peas
so i was able to use them on this card I LOVE ROBOT stamps
IF while threading your paper/card stock faux ribbon and it breaks
DON'T give up use this FIX LESSON
(Yes it happens happened to me twice but i just mended it and went on)
If you are new to my blog there is a lesson on this HERE
OH yes and if you have cricut design studio and george cartridge


Amanda said...

thankyou susan, i loved the circle one and this one is gorgeous too, that tent will become more a reality lol (used to winter i ma in scotland) only kidding would take me too long to save up for the flights, need my stash hit every month!!! what a talented lady you are

Ritobear said...

That is way cool! Thanks!

Marjorie said...

As usual, just wonderful! Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

thanks so very much for sharing all your talents....tina