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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Some Assembly Required Teddy bear

I got my "Some Assembly Required Dies" out this week to have a play with them.
This teddy was done with the snow globe set and added ears and hand drew
the nose ans mouth, with eyes made with hole punch.
I used my cuttlebug to cut the dies out
(A plate, C plate, die, paper, and B plate)
added some links to more of my creations (below)
P.S. welcome home Sandy missed you

And folds flat to go in envelope

Below are some links of some other things i have made using

Some Assembly Required stamps , dies cutters or stencils

giraffes and elephants

Heart book


Some Assembly Required Christmas tree dies


4 Elements card #9(card day girls cards too)

Dragons egg

Lady bird ,Lady bird fly away home

Egganimals 4 little guys

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