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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LOVE you THIS MUCH (plus SURE CUTS A LOT pattern)

Day Three of a whole week of POP UP cards
plus patterns for SURE CUTS A LOT (scal)
Ok now lets see this one was a altered font as well .
This one is also a little different as you make up the little girl with the
black border and then glue on to the center of the card after cut .
I have included the card stock placement for girl pattern part.

If you have sure cuts a lot HERE IS THE PATTERN
Oh and in the patterns you will also find the covers of cards well they
look on the mat that they are nothing but they are the size needed to
make the cover


Schaapje said...

great looking, thanks for sharing

Amanda said...

fab as ever!! is the wee girl a stamp?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Susan. After the sudden disappearing of the Scalgroup I am glad to hear and read from you on your blog.
Kind regards, Allet

Marjorie said...

So cute. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

so cute!! thanks for sharing!!!