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Saturday, June 07, 2008

helping you weave your magic

This is a fun card of woven card into card.
Made using cricut design studio and alota rubber stamps
Made using sure cuts a lot and Stamp used is Alota rubber stamps
if you have design studio and george cartridges HERE IS THE PATTERN
if you have sure cuts a lot HERE IS THE PATTERN

This is what is cut out

there is an extra circle frame it is the inside one that you don't use

the smaller circle gets image (mine has no image as yet)
on it and then mounted on the bigger solid circle

and the small tab gets words stamped on it them mounted on the bigger tab

fold the card in half

The ring circle you cut through one edge

so one side is now open

on the inside of the card out a tiny piece of double sided tape
at the bottom of the slits

From the front thread one of the ends of the frame in the slit next to the tape
and attach (only so it fits half way between two slits)

this is how it will look on the top

Now you start weaving in and out each slit taking your time as it is
paper or card that you are weaving so it will crease or even tear easy

making sure you don't twist the frame
continue weaving all way round

when you get to the last on it goes in and will then be stuck to the
tape that you started

Cut a 3/8 inch strip of the frame colour then 1/4 inch of the main card
and layer

thread through the tab

move into the position that you want it at and put tap
across the back of strip with tab on it

and attach to your card and trim away excess

Now you have your card

and even the inside looks interesting

OK now this can be woven with ribbon but ribbon going around the circle
BUT will not sit as neat as paper or card cut to the shape does


Ramona said...

Very cool I thought that was ribbon not paper threaded!

Anonymous said...

you have such good talent. i have been on the fence about scal and i think with your help i will get it soon, but to me it looks like a lot more work i don't know.sharon levine

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

i too thought it was ribbon, it is phenomenal, in fact all your designs are, i wish i had a tenth of your creativity thanks for sharing the cut file!

Anonymous said...

double wow, love all your designs but feel that i could attempt this one without even blinking, thanks for much for all your inspiration

Ritobear said...

Wow that is a very cool idea! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

And again you did a great job Susan. I love the card you made with this pattern too.

Marg said...

What a great looking card.

Donawanda said...

Another great step-by-step lesson. I have done most of your lessons, and they're not as difficult as I thought they would be. Thanks again, and keep them coming Susan.

"Um Buggin" said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for sharing this amazing card. Love that you didn't forget about us with DS. Have not purchase SCAL yet, but I thinking about it. BTW, love your new photo!


Anonymous said...

Susan - another wonderful design! TFS!

Sandy/tx-nana-scraps said...

Thanks for your work on the weave card. Can't wait to try it.

Laurel said...


I love this design as I do all of them - Thank you for sharing all your wonderful designs. I have not taken the Sure cuts plunge yet - since I just am not really computer savy but you give me hope!!


Anonymous said...

Another great card layout and I downloaded the file immediately. I know I can use this for a birthday card next week. THANK YOU for sharing your talent and making it easy for us to follow along.

KraftyKim said...

Wonderful card, can't wait to try it! You are so talented!

eunice said...

This is an amazing idea you have come up with for a frame! Can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

You are so clever! Than you for sharing. I love to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this design. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Another amazing creation! Your awesome! Thank you!

Amanda K said...

Love your cards! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT mind.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is awesome. i would have never,never, ever, thought of something so great.

Nalazoo said...

Susan - you are a very talented artist. I love how you think outside the box for using basic images to create fun, cool and amazing art. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your *.cut files!!!!

Marjorie said...

This is great. Thanks so much.

Laurieinaz said...

Love love love the weave design. I tried it out last night and it's great! Thank you.

911barb said...

Susan love you stuff. You got me hooked on the weave cards.
Only thing is I make the basic card and let my sister do the rest.
She loves them also and can't do the weave part. And I lost interest quickly. lol
barb911 s/e mi

Anonymous said...

Susan...Thanks much for all your inspiration, sharing of ideas, great tips and lessons. You are so talented, but even moreso you are such a wonderful good-hearted person to share your talents with everyone - mainly those like me to whom this SCAL and DS are a new experience. After spending days and days reading everything on your site, I feel like you're my friend who lives next door, instead of across the globe. If I can figure out how to do it, I want to send you a photo of the layout I did with the circle weave pattern of my year old grandson. Bless you for being such a giver...the world needs more with your sharing heart, Connie from Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

I bought SCAL to use for fonts and welding--but now I see so much more IF I want to do it--and with your ideas and help, I might just try it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the inspiration, cut files, and instructions. I am new to cardmaking and your blog is helping me so much. I absolutely agree with Connie from GA
(comment above), " the world needs more with your sharing heart". It would definetly be a much better world. Thanks again, Debbie from Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your wonderful help and files. You are amazing.

Susie said...

Thank you sooo... much. I love your cards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the file download. You have some really great designs. I can't wait to use this idea. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

thnks for sharing Susan! Cant wati to try it, its beautiful! I dont' stamp, I'll ahve to find somthng else to put in the middle!
(NewBugInYOurEar--cricutds MB)

scootingranny said...

I have downloaded this file and look forward to working with it..thanks !!

Anonymous said...

I love your card design. Thanks for sharing. The paper was really tedius to "weave," but the end result is great. You are very creative!

Anonymous said...

susan this is awesome!! thanks for sharing your time and talent!! love it!!

LostnThought said...

Love this! Thanks so much sharing!