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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HELP lesson Animal paper DOLLS

With paper doll cartridge and set the default size to what size you want you
animal doll to be (that way you will know what size clothes to cut)

select the shadow button and the doll on that screen
(that one has no lines on the face)
Before leaving the paper doll cartridge name your mat putting the
size of the doll (elephant 4 3/8) that way in months time you know
what size clothes you want if you want to make again .
No to get some shapes to make the ears
(in this one i am making an elephant so the ears will cover the human ears
but if you are making things like my dog i cut out the dog then with
pair of scissors i then trimmed the human ears off)
For the elephant i placed on four ovals arranged so they looked like
elephant ears

Now make all pieces welded select each piece and push weld

Push preview eye will show that you have welded all that is needed

to make parts for animal in this case trunk place beside project
for this one i placed an oval , weld copied and then pasted a few times
moving it down to form the shape of the trunk

So it looks like a trunk

Push the preview eye button to check that everything is welded

Now all you need to do is pick the clothes you want to dress your animal in

Next post are some that i have made But with these instructions you can now make things in any size or shape you want to

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Cari said...

I love it!! This cart is top of my list to buy and I think I might see about getting it ASAP now. PC should give you a commission LOL