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Saturday, May 17, 2008

HEXIGON edges card 01 plus pattern and FONT

MORNING it is time for another FONT SET this time it is edges 03
This card you need to have Sure cuts a lot , cricut and edges 03 font (need to be) installed on your computer to cut it . Image on the front of card is from alota rubber stamp

IF you have SURE CUTS A LOT then HERE IS THE PATTERN will only work if you install the edges 03 fonts
(after you have installed the fonts and if you go looking for them in inkscape and cant seem to find them under the "E" go down the bottom of the fonts as i used a little "e" and that is where the scal put them)

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chrisashleyburton said...

I know you've done a lot of lessons but I still don't know how to just make a card. if that makes since. I want to make a criss cross card pattern with inkscape and I'm just not getting it I put the shapes together and try to import it to cut with scal and it doesnt so the images can you help me please?