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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Butterfly POP UP card

I am have fun trying to learn how to use inkscape, the only thing is, it has taken time away from other things (like lessons and cricut designs, which i will get back to )
This is a butterfly i found on the net at Marivi's Home
I took it to inkscape and got it ready to save in .svg and then wow it cut so nice in "sure cuts a lot ". I love pop up cards and i want to get a better understanding on how inkscape works so i can give it a try to make my own (lets hope)

Sorry there is no scal pattern but you can get the .gif from Marivi's home webiste


Adeline E. Brill said...


Do you not sleep? You must spend every waking moment creating these terrific designs! Thank you!!!

eunice said...

Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! I am totally awed by your talent. Thanks for always sharing!