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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alota Rubber stamp BOTTLE CAP LESSON

Firstly you need a packet of home brew bottle caps (un used )
(brought at a place where you buy home brewing things for beer)
heavy piece of timber or mat (i use old sizzix mat)
and Rubber mallet
take some of the caps out ready

Ok at this point i take it out side and do it on something sturdy
(i staged this so i can do it for lesson )

Lay cap on mat inside up and give it a hammer with the rubber mallet
(guess i should have wiped the dust of my mallet LOL)

You will see it start to flatten outwards

Normally takes me three good hits at the cap to get it to look even
(if it looks even stop if not hit it on the edge that is not quiet down )

And you have one cap ready to embellish your card

They look like this
NOW i have to say when you go to buy the caps and you see that there is 100 in the pack you might think that is too many but once you start making the cards they go down very quickly

That was an example of what lessons are like on the following CDs
Alota rubber stamps have 6 how too CDs on card making they have step by step instructions on how to make three different cards on each CD (some even have a bonus lesson) TO see what they have here is the link

These are made By ME but sold by Alota rubber stamps USA

Other examples i have done using the bottle caps are
small cards
more small
bubble bees

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Anonymous said...

You suggested using an old sizzix mat. I actually used my sizzix with the sizzelets converter and a piece of cardboard over the caps when I used bottle caps on a very large Christmas card swap. You can flatten several at a time with the sizzix without hurting your machine. But be sure to use the cardboard. Also some clear embossing powder melted inside the caps over whatever you put inside gives it an epoxy embellishment look. Be careful when melting the embossing powder as the caps really heat up.