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Sunday, March 30, 2008

BIKE stand up card plus pattern

I made this using sure cuts a lot BUT I have also made a .cut file for the cricut design studio and going places cartridge (which i don't have)

If you have a cricut and cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Toy Space man

This was done using cricut design studio and george cartridge

If you have a cricut and cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TWO TONE cute DRAGON plus pattern (SECOND cut instructions)

This cute two tone dragon is made using george cartridge and cricut design studio . And i embossed the tummy through the cuttlebug embossing folder
It is an altered pattern of the cute dragon that i posted yesterday. The only thing is with this pattern less waste if you cut two of each mat at a time (make two cards), and mix and match the pieces
NOTE that some of my patterns have "SECOND CUT for ......" after being asked many times
what do i mean and as this pattern also has this on it i have done an instruction lesson on it .

"SECOND CUT for ......" Instructions (some of my patterns have this on the layer)

1. this pattern has "second cut for body" so what you first is find the layer of body load the card on mat
2. and cut this layer, LEAVE the card on the mat
3. then go to layer "Second cut for body " reload the mat in the cricut
4. cut this layer . Now you body will be in two parts

IF You have a crucit and the cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CUTE DRAGON plus pattern

This cute dragon was done only using george cartridge and cricut design studio

If you have cricut and cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

Monday, March 24, 2008

Chris and POOH birthday

This is a card made with sure cuts a lot , cricut , cricut design studio and inkscape

Sorry . The card base, frame and wording were done using the cricut design studio.
AND the chris and pooh were done using inkscape and sure cuts a lot

DUE to copyright laws i am no longer aloud to share this pattern sorry

Sunday, March 23, 2008

MY MUMMY turns 80 years old tomorrow

We gave mum a surprise birthday party today, she thought she was just going out to lunch with a few of her family. But when she got there there were friends and family from all over the country there to celebrate her birthday with her.
I think she had a fantastic day
Here is the card/book i made her. I made it using george cartridge, cricut design studio, cuttlebug and stampin up stamps , Sadly i don't have the pattern due to computer crashing and losing the .cut file just after i had cut it out But if you want to make them This link is HOW to make LESSON

put a piece of vellum in between to protect the photos
got a calender from the year she was born and printed it out
The left had side of this is all important things that happened that year she was born as well as her being born is on the list too
the family right hand side opens up
to show her direct family
her kids ( i am the last one on the bottom right hand side )
her grandkids
her great grand kids

Friday, March 21, 2008


This card was made for a person that loves building things with electronics . ( for those that don't know the thing on the front on the card is made to look like a circuit board)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This card was made using george cartridge, cricut design studio and alota rubberstamps

If you have a cricut and the cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

Alota rubberstamp How to make cards lessons

Alota rubberstamps have 6 how too CDs on card making they have step by step instructions on how to make three diferent cards on each CD (some even have a bonus lesson) TO see what they have here is the link

These are made By ME but sold by Alota rubberstamps USA


I tried many times to weld something in the circles with no luck, but i had not given up on ever being able to to it. But then the other day CAPADIA designs BLOG (POP on over to her blog to learn how and see all the other wonderful ideas she has come with . It is a great blog) has worked it out i was so happy with her as i really wanted to make this card .
For this card i used mickey & friends cartridge and Joy of the seasons cartridge .

i can this will not be the only circle card i make i love the idea thank you CAPADIA

If you have a cricut and the cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

Rolling ROBOTS

Made these two robots out of three complete cuts and mixed and matched the pieces (since doing this i have learnt a lot easier way to do this)