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Sunday, February 17, 2008

MONKEY hang in there Plus PATTERN

This also is made with cricut , cricut design studio and george cartridge

If you have a cricut and cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN


BettyBee said...

Susan, Thanks for the great card. My b-i-l just had neck surgery and will be in a Halo for 4 months. He will definitely need to "hang in there". This card is perfect. It was the first I've done with DS, and your instructions were SO very helpful. Thank you so much. You are a doll to share so much. It means a lot. Sincerely, BettyBrett

Scootingranny said...

Thanks for another great cutfile.

Anonymous said...

I had gotten your Light The Way Lighthouse Card a while back, wanted to see a finished pic of it and then found the monkey. Love the monkey! Thanks so much for your cards!