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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is all you need.

This was made using Alota rubber stamps and the Cricut Design Studio with the George cartridge. Here (as usual) is the pattern.


Unknown said...

Nice job. Yesterday I made a similar card but the letter were only on one side of the card. I love how you managed to cut the letteres over the entire border.

Linda said...

I just found this file and hope to cut it today.
Thank you for sharing your talent

scootingranny said...

I downloaded this file back when I first started using a Cricut and never left you thanks. Doing that now with apologies for being so late in doing so. I did a card with your pattern for DH and will be posting it on my blog, with credits to your posting. I will post link after I get that done. Again, THANKS for a super cut file.

scootingranny said...

Here is the card I did with this wonderful cut file