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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LATTICE folds plus link to PATTERN

I DID IT ! I DID IT! I am so excited that I managed to do the pattern for a lattice card on the cricut design studio.
I have only been trying since the 26th Dec 2007. I was saying BUT the craftrobo (which my girlfriend has got can do lattice cards and the design studio can't, so I was still jealous of Chris for having the craftrobo LOL)
So after many many weeks of thinking and trying things. It was not till yesterday when cutting out my lighthouse card and there was a cut in it that should not have been in it that I got to thinking hmmmmm if I can do that with out thinking hmmmm I can do it for the lattice work with thought . So at the break of dawn this morning I set to work and managed to get one done (Chris still jealous as yours would have been quicker) NOW i am happy.

This card was done using the cricut design studio, george cartridge, tear drop cartridge and faux ricrac (FROM ALOTA rubberstamps lesson one CD) which btw are great cds of card ideas. I know as they are made by me for alota rubberstamps USA

IF you have a cricut and the cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

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