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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I change my C3P0 pattern this afternoon and re made it (was not at all really happy with the other one )
This Robot is fiddly to put together but it is all worth while.
If you have a cricut , george cartridge, all mixed up cartridge and cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN
NOTE Best cut with NEW blade and mat

dis guard the pieces with crosses on where the crosses on
Dis guard the red parts and where the arm meets the bodyon this gold mat (except for the center circle of the eyes)

dis guard the pieces with crosses on

dis guard the pieces with crosses on

where the red arrows are are not needed (this is cut with the gold hand mat

This is how you constructed it piece by piece


Sheila said...

I can't wait to use this...PERFECT!

Donawanda said...

Wow. What an awesome job. It looks just like the real thing.

janst said...

my son is a star wars addict, his nickname is chewie (mr chewie since he got married) This is perfect for his B'day card next month, I know he will love it..... just need to solve the problem with the date, as I am in Scotland.... TFS

Unknown said...

Wow - I am always so inspired by your site - I have been using my design studio a lot more - it opens up so many possibilities!

Thanks so much for sharing C3PO - he will look wonderful on some Star Wars paper I found for ds :)