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Monday, January 28, 2008


And here is C3PO

I made this using the cricut design studio and george cartridge

NOTE People are wondering why i don't have the patterns for these robots on my blog. OK they are coming, but because they are so detailed to give the patterns without instructions, would mean i would get many emails asking me questions. So i thought i would write instructions before putting them up.


Sabrena said...

This is sooo awesome!! I love it!

You are such a genius....

sylvia said...

Your creations with just the George cartridge are unbelievable. You should get a commission from Provo Craft for showing what you can do with the Cricut! I'm looking for a new PC so I haven't installed my design software yet. You make me glad I bought it. The capabilities are endless. Thanks so much for sharing all of this with those of us that don't have the same vision!!
Sylvia Jacquot
Anaheim, CA

Kenda said...

Again, WOW!!!! You have the talent I wish I had! I can't make my fingers create what I see in my mind, but it's obvious that you can!