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Thursday, December 27, 2007


With my cricut designstudio, i managed to cut on the original cricut(small one) things bigger than the 6" that it would normally cut.
I cut this dragon at 7 3/4" tall and it's much easy to piece together (the original 6" are so tiny to piece together).

To do this on the design studio i had to set the default on 7 3/4" , paste and then rotate and move to fit on the mat (not changing any shape or size after pasting only fitting it on the mat). I then did another mat the same default size for each of the other colours needed for him

sure save going out and buying a bigger machine


Anonymous said...

This totally answered my question before buying the software. I love that you do so much cool stuff with the smaller machine! thanks for sharing! Melinda

Anonymous said...

YOU are totally amazing! Thanks for all your inspiration, instruction and file sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you did a great job !

Anonymous said...

Great do smoe amazing things........Do you know how to get new cartridges such as Home Accents to work with Design Studio..........??? It is not listed in the drop down menu and there are no instructions on how to do this ....please help
Thanks in advance!!!