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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Finished my set of 50 cards

Well 5 days ago i decided to make 50 cards 6 inch square for my friend who is turning 50 on the 13th may.(they are not writen in so she can use them as her cards to give to people as she spends heaps on cards weekly) Hoping i would get them made in the 13 days that i had left (as i am going out to lunch with her on the 14th ) It is now the 5th and i have just finished all 50 of them. I am soo pleased with them all and enjoyed making them so much (though i would not like to do another set in the near future)

Guess i now have to cut down the envelopes and glue them now but that should not take long after all it is lot easy than making 50 cards LOL.


kathy said...

Those cards are so cute. I love the frog ones. where did you find that sentiment? they are adorable

SusanBluerobot said...

stamps are third coast rubberstamps